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TAC System Mystic Bubble Soap



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TAC System Mystic Bubble Soap

Product Description: Mystic Bubble is a highly concentrated vehicle shampoo (1:500 which is roughly 1oz Mystic Bubble to 4 gallons of water) that produces high density foam to encapsulate contamination particles when washing. The pH balanced formula gently lubricates the surface and is perfect for regular car washing on all surfaces and as a coating maintenance wash. The Ultra high dilution of Mystic Bubble makes for a very cost effective car soap. The pH balanced formula is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces and wheels.

Directions: First rinse vehicle free of all loose topical contamination using a high pressure nozzle or pressure washer. Next, using a foam lance, apply a generous thick layer of Ultra Foam to the vehicle and allow it to dwell for 5 minutes before applying a wash mitt. Using light pressure agitate the surface to remove any stubborn contaminants from the surface.

Tips / Alternate Uses: For best results, during the final rinse, use deionized water to ensure a spot free finish.

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