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TAC System Mystic Water Repellent (MWR)



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TAC System Mystic Water Repellent (MWR)

Product Description: An advanced car wash shampoo that deeply cleanses vehicle exterior surfaces and adds a hydrophobic silica sealant to the surface.

Product Benefits: MWR is an extremely easy to use pH Neutral shampoo that gently removes topical contamination and protects the surface with a layer at the same time! MWR also adds gloss and slickness to the paint with a durability up to 3 months.

Durability/Specs: Up to 3 months.

Common Uses: Vehicle exterior surfaces & wheels.

Warnings: DO NOT apply MWR to hot surfaces, this will cause streaking which is difficult to remove. DO NOT allow MWR to dry on surfaces.


1] Rinse the car thoroughly to remove topical contamination.

2] Prepare a wash bucket with 20ml of MWR or Use a foam lance with a dilution of 1:9

3] After foam is applied to surface, use wash media to clean the vehicle

4] Allow MWR to dwell for 3-5 minutes

5] Rinse well with water

For Optimal Results: Apply even with foam lance all over vehicle exterior.

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