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Zvizzer PC 5000 Pre-cut Deep Scratch Removal

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Zvizzer PC 5000 Pre-cut Deep Scratch Removal 

Pure pre-grinding polishing to recondition extremely weathered or damaged paintwork. Owing to the volume and the homogenous abrasive grain, this grinding polishing process ensures quick, optimum sanding to successfully remove deep scratching and abrasion marks from a grain size of P1500. Can be used on ALL (including scratch-resistant) fresh and hardened paint. Does not contain silicone or solvents.

We recommend the blue polishing pad for this procedure. Apply a sufficient quantity of PC5000 to the paint defect, surface or polishing pad. If you are using a low speed (c. 1,000 rpm) distribute evenly over the defect area, increase the speed to c. 1,800 rpm and polish using a light pressure to finish off.

NOTE: Always use a clean polishing pad to avoid unnecessary damage to surfaces. A safety data sheets available on request.

Application with: Polish pad (blue/stable hard)

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250ml, 750ml

1 review for Zvizzer PC 5000 Pre-cut Deep Scratch Removal

  1. wichetw

    Good value give me reduce and save working time.

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