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Zvizzer Wax (6-9 Month Protection)

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ZviZZer Wax – Fantastic Hybrid Wax – 200ml

ZviZZer Wax is a premium hybrid wax, which in addition to protecting your varnish increases its gloss and makes it incredibly water and dirt-repellent – which makes the varnish easier to maintain. Just a light touch with your washing hand and a good pH-neutral shampoo is all that is needed. The wax is a mixture between a carnauba wax and a polymer-based sealer. This means that you do not need to use a traditional varnish sealer before applying the wax. It reduces the time it takes to seal the paint. The application is easy and just like wiping is a joy. The durability per. treatment is 6-9 months or up to 10,000 km. Can be used on all lacquered surfaces – therefore also suitable for rims.

When it has to be good and delicious!

ZviZZer Wax is one of the good examples of how traditional car wax has changed over time. Because where in the “old days” you first had to seal the varnish, and then put a wax on top to protect the sealer – is not necessarily, necessary anymore. ZviZZer Wax combines the best of the polymer-based lacquer sealer with the Brazilian carnauba wax. This gives the paint a really nice protection against various deposits, and makes it incredibly easy to maintain. The high content of carnauba ensures that the varnish gets a nice wet look, becomes incredibly shiny and gives a nice fullness and depth.

If you are into hydrophobic effect, then you will also be able to enjoy ZviZZer Wax. If you wait 4-6 hours to expose it to water after application, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful water pearls. Here is the real slap on!

Great durability

ZviZZs are realistic about the durability of their products. Here are no trees growing into the sky – on the contrary. You can expect to apply a fresh coat of ZviZZer Wax approx. every 10,000 km you drive or approx. Once a year if it is a summer car. And in our regular tests in Danish weather – as well as what we have seen from our colleagues that fits really well..

Easy application

When applying ZviZZer Wax, you can apply wax to an entire car at a time. You do not have to be nervous about whether it will be impossible to get rid of after 15 minutes. In fact, the varnish must be able to absorb the wax and the wax must be able to bind to the coating. Depending on the temperature, it takes 20-40 minutes (hot / cold). Ie. you can easily grow an entire car, enjoy a cup of coffee and then quietly start wiping the wax. And wiping is as easy as applying. Just ally yourself with a good applicator . It makes it an incredibly good experience to use an adult – and something you feel like doing again and again. And speaking of which, the contents of the 200 ml really add up to many treatments. So many that here you get a wax you can enjoy for many years.

The wiping can be with a little friction until you just get the surface broken. But once you have done this – it goes off just as well as nothing.

Contents: 200 ml


Make sure that the paint is cleaned and event polished to the finish that you want to protect in the future.

  1. Wipe the paint with ZviZZer Clean Top *
  2. With a suitable applicator, the wax is applied in a thin varnish on the varnish. The smaller a film you apply, the easier it is for you to wipe it again
  3. Wait 20-40 minutes and then wipe the wax, one panel at a time.

Wait 4-6 hours before exposing the paint to water

* Is the paint polished with e.g. ZviZZer One or UC1000, we do not recommend that you wipe the paint with Clean Top. These polishes contain sealant that you will remove will you use Clean Top.


How do I maintain the varnish after applying ZviZZer Wax?

Wash with a pH-balanced shampoo and pre-wash products that do not eat the protection. After washing, you can top up the protection with a Quick Detailer like ZviZZer Fresh-Up Coat .

Can the wax be laid in several layers?

Yes, it can be done. It will increase durability about the durability a bit. Wait 4-6 hours before applying another coat

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