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Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent

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Angelwax H2GO rain repellent is designed to contend with even the most tenacious rain on the planet. H2GO is formulated to create a hydrophobic coating on glass surfaces. This coating will push off all water from the glasswork.

Less rain on your window equals more vision, making driving much safer and convenient

For instructions on how to use this product, check out this video straight from the manufacturers


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100ml, 250ml

2 reviews for Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent

  1. Niall (verified owner)

    Best rain repellant on the market at the minute for the money in my opinion. Get plenty of use out of it and nothing better than being the only car on the motorway not using wipers in the lashing rain!

  2. Ciarán (verified owner)

    Best I have used was using rain x won’t be coming back

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