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Dr Beasley’s Matte Wheel Seal, 12oz

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Matte Wheel Seal provides a high-tech coating for matte painted wheels that prevents the build up of brake dust while capturing contaminants. Formulated for heat resistance, it will last even at the highest speeds. And because it’s designed for matte painted wheels, it’ll preserve their flat look.

Provides layer of protection against environmental hazards
Prevents brake dust buildup
Protects wheels from etching, pitting, and paint erosion
 Preserves matte appearance


Why Matte Wheel Seal?

Matte Wheel Seal protects your wheels from break dust and rust, but how does that protection work?


Make Brake Dust Rinse Off With Ease

Brake dust build-up on your wheels is one of the hardest contaminants to remove on a vehicle, hands-down. You’ll need caustic chemicals and a lot of elbow grease to even put a dent in this stuff. Thankfully, a layer of Matte Wheel Seal makes cleaning a cinch. The Matte Wheel Seal captures brake dust and other contaminants as your drive. Then, when you wash your car, the contaminants will rinse off, leaving your wheels spotless.


Protect Against Etching, Pitting and Paint Erosion

While you’re on the road, there’s no shortage of things that get kicked up on to your wheels. Caked-on mud can etch your wheel, while corrosion can pit and even erode your paint. That’s why you need Matte Wheel Seal’s protective barrier – it’ll block contaminants and oxidization to halt these destructive effects.


Maintain Your Wheels’ Matte Look

Many cars with matte finishes also tout matte-finished wheels. So why let your matte wheels turn glossy by using a generic wheel coating? Matte Wheel Seal is designed specifically for matte wheels because it’s made with absolutely no fillers or silicone, meaning you can be certain your wheels’ matte finish won’t turn into a splotchy mess.


How Does It Work?

Because wheels get so hot, wax or oil-based sealants simply melt off while driving. To withstand these temperatures, Matte Wheel Seal instead uses an advanced synthetic formula with an extremely high melting point so your wheels stay protected no matter how hot they get. As contaminants and break dust accumulate on your wheels, they’ll stick to the Matte Wheel Seal rather than the wheel itself, meaning they’ll come off with ease in a wash. Reapply every few washes for optimal protection.


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