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Tac System Tire Dressing 



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Tac System Tire Dressing

Is a newly formulated tire gel which offers a long lasting high gloss to all tires, rubber trim, exterior plastics, and mud flaps.

Product Benefits: Tire Dressing restores the deep rich color of tires and exterior pieces while helping to prevent color changes. Tire Dressing is extremely easy to apply, simply wash the surface well and then evenly spread the gel over the desired area.

1] Remove dirt, grime, tar, and any other contaminant from tire and dry surface thoroughly.

2] Apply Tire Dressing to a MF applicator

3] Spread Tire Dressing onto the tire, working it evenly onto the tire surface

4] Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before removing excess with a MF towel.

For Optimal Results: For the deepest cleaning use Tar Zero on a MF cloth, preparing it for Tire Dressing.

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500ml, 1000ml, 4000ml


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