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Infinity Wax – Express Sealant Concentrate – 500ml

12.95 (Ex VAT: 10.53)

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Concentrated wet coat protection

Express sealant is a powerful and economical way to protect your car after washing or as a maintenance/ top up sealant.  Simply dilute in a spray bottle, pump sprayer or apply via snowfoam lance. The 500ml bottle can be attached directly to most snowfoam cannons with a 28mm neck.

Each application of express will protect your vehicle for 6-8 weeks and significantly improve the gloss, water behavior and ease of cleaning over this time frame. Express beads water very well but also offers fast sheeting action to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer.

Key Features

  • Highly concentrated
  • Durable protection
  • Added slickness and gloss
  • Suitable as a drying aid
  • Safe on all vehicles including matte/ sating paintwork and wrap
  • Up to 25 applications per 500ml bottle/ 39p per application


Dilute product according to preference.

  • 10:1 general use
  • 25:1 maximum dilution

Use a pump sprayer, trigger bottle, or snowfoam lance to apply the product.

The bottle can be attached to any standard 28mm snowfoam cannon and be applied directly. Adjust foam mixer to minimum when lance applied.

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