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Marc Leddy Review – Tac System Moonlight Coating

Marc Leddy Review – Tac System Moonlight Coating Working my way through the tac systems range at the moment and 2 stand out products for me are the tyre dressing and moonlight. Thanks again to Gerry Gordon for supplying. Moonlight…. What’s the product blurb? Product Description: Moonlight is an oil-based maintenance coating, containing 20-25% SiO2. Moonlight lasts […]

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Check out Marc Leddy’s detailing results on this RS Focus

Great results here from Marc Leddy in Polished and Waxed.  This car had never been correctively polished nor clayed. The paint work, while it looked ok, certainly needed additional care. Years of bad washing and lack of decontamination processes had left the paint swirled and rough.   Body work was prewashed, safe washed and subjected […]

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