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Winter Protection For Your Car

Winter Protection For Your Car

Providing additional protection for your vehicle in the harsh winter weather is vital to maintaining the paint especially, but also the wheels and glass. Snow and ice, road debris and rain can be rough on your vehicle.  A quality wax or sealant combined with correct maintenance will get your paint finish through the chilly months.


Paint Protection

Protect your paintwork from harsh road debris, road salt and harsh Winter conditions by waxing your vehicle and applying a sealant.  Autopia Wet Wax, Soft99 King of Gloss or Angelwax Enigma are among our bestselling waxes.

We highly recommend a paint sealant as a method of protection for the long Winter months ahead. Synthetic paint sealants feature better durability than traditional carnauba waxes, less maintenance, and easy application.  We recommend Soft99 Fusso sealant which consists of fluorine polymer, which has a sufficient anti-fouling ability to protect the car surface from rain, dirt and other unwanted residue. Its thick hard coating repels water strongly, as water smoothly runs down and off the car surface.  The hard paste wax can create clear gloss on the car body.


Your wheels and tires need to be protected just as much as your paint does during the Winter.  To make cleaning your wheels as easy as possible, use Autopia Force Iron, a gel based formulation for extended cling on surfaces and enhanced contact time for tackling heavier contamination. Contains a blend of degreasing agents to remove oily soils.

Use Autopia Black Endurance, a super durable solvent based tyre and trim dressing to protect the tyres and trims.  Endurance is water resistant and suffers minimal sling and overspray from tyres with no drips or streaks.


Windscreen and Wing Mirrors

It’s important to keep your windscreen and wing mirrors clean and clear for safety reasons during the Winter when visibility is poor and evenings are dark.

Our Autopia Windscreen Wash De-Icer is a concentrated washer bottle additive which removes road film and insect debris from windscreens. It contains anti-freezing agents to prevent wash bottles freezing in winter.

Heavy duty ice scraper for scraping off ice in poor weather conditions.  Our large ice scraper comes with a foam non slip, insulated grip ideal for those chilly mornings.

Soft99 Ultra Glaco is a strong, super durable, water repellent windshield coating which resists friction by wipers, dust, car-wash or cleansers, and lasts 6 times longer than conventional coating agents.

Soft99 Glaco mirror coat zero is a wing mirror coat that prevents water from contacting the surface. The nanotechnology in this product will adhere on the surface producing a microscopic protruding juts that will bounce off water droplets even when vehicles is stationary.

Check out our Winter Protection Pack for Just €60.


Autopia wet wax

Soft99 Fusso sealant

Force Iron Remover

Ultra Glaco windscreen protection

Applicator pad

Microfibre cloth

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