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Buying a new car in the new year?

Buying a new car in January? Don’t wait until you see wear and tear and scratches on the paint work before waxing your new car. The best time to apply wax is when the car is brand new. Although you are purchasing a brand new car, by the time you buy it and get it […]

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Happy Christmas from all of us at Autopia!

We hope you all have a great Christmas and all the very best wishes for 2017! Our online shop will remain open over the Christmas period.  

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Review: InstaFinish Headlight Restorer

Headlights can be hard to maintain and keep clean especially this time of year when Winter conditions cause more dirt and grim to hit your headlights. Yellowed or hazy headlight lenses can affect visibility so it’s important to keep them clean for safety purposes. Insta Finish Headlight Restorer is not only affordable, but unlike most […]

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