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Autopia Black – Review

Autopia black detailing products

We are getting great reviews from detailers and valeters about our new Autopia BLACK range of detailing products. Check out the review below from Dylan Hand. The full range is available to purchase here.


“So finally got a chance to use Autopias new black range… very impressed with everything I used

First of all was the blizzard snow foam… its exactly like the name itself…like a blizzard hit the car…. very impressed with this foam and has a dilution rate of 1000:1…. very impressed with the cleaning power also.

Next was onto the iron remover Force. Another great product that I was very impressed with… I’ve used some iron removers before and went back to a panel after washing away and sprayed some more and they drew out more iron…. this product removed it all in one go and will be the product I will be using from now on..

All steps were taking as in 2 bucket wash, tar removal, clar bar…. just not mentioned as I am only reviewing the products I have used from the Autopia black range.

As u can see there is very heavy oxidation on the paintwork….. the budget was tight on this car so we decided to go for a 1 stage correction using Regenerate from Angelwax which is a medium cut compound and swirl remover. I used a yellow medium cut Lake Country pad on a Rupes lhr15 polisher. As seen in the photos it has taken the oxidation away and left very little haziness from the compound… the product was a little dusty but nothing too hard to work with.

The last step was to bring out the gloss of the paintwork. I decided to go with Crystal which is a hybrid wax/sealant. This product goes on with ease and again was impressed by it. For me it took a bit longer to buff off than the usual waxes I would use but again nothing to moan about as the extra work was well worth it with the gloss/shine left on the paintwork…

All in all very happy with the products used and cant wait to try out the rest of the stuff I got.”

Dylan Hand

1st May 2017

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