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REVIEW: Autopia Black Diamond Car Polish

Thanks to Marc Leddy for a great review of our Autopia Black DIAMOND CAR POLISH.



What does the brand say about this product?

“A superior car polish for use on both new and used paintwork. The advanced formulation free gently removes mild oxidation, fills swirl marks and leaves a durable protective film and water repellency. Contains paint cleansers and high grade carnauba wax. The special blend of abrasives remove minor defects leaving the paint protected by a special blend of polymers and carnauba wax.”

Directions for use:

Apply by hand or machine and remove with a suitable microfibre cloth.
If using a DA or rotary polisher, use soft applicator pads for best results. May be layered with our Detailer liquid wax or Crystal cream wax for extra gloss and protection.

My experience with the product:

I’ve used on a couple of different motors now and enjoy the product. What is the product supposed to do? Well it’s an All in One polish which is designed to fill minor imperfections, cleanse the paint and provide an element of protection. Be under no illusion , this product does not claim to be as good as a glaze for filling nor does it claim to have the durability of a sealant, however, its designed to be a quick easy product that’s a bit of a compromise compared to 2 products and 2 stages. Does it do this? Yes and well. I see it being attractive for presale valets and second hand car dealers ie it makes a good impact in a small space of time with minimal effort. Via machine I found it can be easy to over work the product certainly when temps are high. Keeping the pad moist and remembering that this product isn’t made to correct will ensure you get the best from it. You are applying it to paint, not using it to remove some paint. It therefore doesn’t need to be “worked” or broken down like a compound. I used it on a finishing pad and was impressed with how quickly you could make quite a big impact. I wouldn’t suggest allowing to cure for long, it may dust with long cures in high panel temps. By hand it’s a complete doddle, easy on and very easy removed. Will certainly use again. I have attached a few pics where this has been used.

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

Diamond Car polish

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